Why We Think Like Entrepreneurs

It’s one thing to train team members on how to do a particular job. However, within the Sky’s the Limit culture, we believe in taking things one step further. Our learning environment takes a more holistic approach. Ultimately, we instill entrepreneurial mind-sets through our professional development program.

What does it mean to think like an entrepreneur? It’s about taking ownership of what we do. It’s about being willing to take risks and challenge ourselves each day. At Sky’s the Limit, everyone is on a career track that will take them as far as they desire. Those who have the right ambitions and fortitude to get there will eventually show their entrepreneurial stripes as they lead their own offices.

One of the first lessons imparted in our training is how to set goals. Each of these objectives is specific and measurable, and attached to our visions. However, it’s more than having that goal in front of us. If we really want to succeed, we have to carve a path to reach this target. This means creating metrics and milestones that we need to hit along the way. When we can measure our progress, we can see how far we’ve come – and what we need to adjust – to go the distance.

No one goes it alone here, which makes a huge difference in our outcomes. Each new team member is paired with a seasoned coach who guides them as they become more confident and motivated. This is why our rising stars aren’t necessarily the people with the most experience and talent, but those with the passion to win.

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