Nashville-Bound for Conference

We love to travel around Sky’s the Limit and leadership conferences are among our favorite events. Very soon, we’ll be headed to Nashville, Tennessee for a networking event that’s sure to have a profound impact on everyone there.

What makes these conferences so important? Well, for Team Sky’s the Limit, it’s all about the connection. We know that at least once a year we’ll reunite with people from other regions with whom we’ve established strong bonds over the years. At the same time, we’ll meet new top performers who are joining our industry or attending this event for the first time.

Knowledge transfer is another plus that comes from conferences. We get to listen to keynote speeches from the best of the best, the people who wrote the book on what it takes to be a master of peer-to-peer fundraising. The breakout sessions are where we really get to share our own techniques and learn from others who have tried and true methods that work for their markets.

Of course, relaxation is on deck as we’ll certainly find plenty of opportunities to kick back and unwind in the country music capital of the world. From exciting sights to delectable cuisines, there’s so much to absorb but we’re most definitely up for the task.

We’re ready to learn more about how to put the fun in fundraising with the latest best practices. Like Sky’s the Limit on Facebook for highlights of our exciting adventures.