Saluting Becca, Our Founder

Sky’s the Limit Marketing is more than just our firm’s name. It’s a reflection of the goals we set for ourselves and, more, the mindset embraced by our President, Becca. Her journey is one that inspires all of us to step outside of our comfort zones and deliver more each day.

Today, Becca is a seasoned peer-to-peer marketing pro and leads Sky’s the Limit with every ounce of zeal imaginable. However, she wasn’t always the confident leader she is now. In fact, Becca was quite shy and meek when she first started her career in this industry. Her first days were far from smooth sailing, as she is first to admit.

Here’s where Becca’s story becomes one that resonates with many people who’ve stumbled on their own journeys. Even though there were more downs than ups, she stayed determined and positive. Rather than retreat, she picked herself up each time and learned the ropes so she could realize the success she envisioned. Through experiences, and with steady coaching, Becca came out of her shell. Her motivation to win became stronger. When that happened, it was time for Becca to open her own office, which brings us to Sky’s the Limit.

The moral of our story is to believe in yourself. With the right support and training, as we offer at Sky’s the Limit, anyone with a will to succeed can become a seasoned pro. Becca’s living proof of this.

If you walk on the sunny side of the street and aspire to achieve career greatness, it’s time we have a conversation. Apply online to see where you fit in. And keep pace with all that’s happening with Becca and our team by following us on [Instagram].